***All hunts are fair chase at Valdez Northern NM Hunting Adventures.


We offer a full service elk hunt with a guide in Mora, New Mexico.  Our hunting areas support a number of elk herds, with elk taken frequently enough on our elk hunts. Our hunting areas also support ample populations of mule deer and color phase black bear, increasing the chances of success across species. This terrain is more challenging to hunt elk in, no doubt, no flat land here. With the expertise and skill provided by our guides, we have high success rates in past years, and expect that to continue in the future.


Deer Stock

With the presence of mountain mule deer in this part of New Mexico, it is safe to say that “God’s Country” mule deer hunts are our passion. Our guides provide great success rates on our guided mule deer hunts for those deer hunters willing to put in the extra effort to go up high for a mountain mule deer. Mountain mule deer are tough, and hunting them is even tougher, but for those that have the drive and physical ability to get up high, these hunts are remarkably rewarding.


BB Stock

Black bears are plentiful in Northern New Mexico and are legal game. We hunt black bears beginning in August until the quota has been met by New Mexico Game and Fish in combination with our other hunts, or as a stand alone hunt.



MT Stock

New Mexico has more Merriam’s than any other subspecies. The hunter pressure is low. Only 1,900 birds were taken last season. With bountiful turkeys close to 15,000 in population. The Gobblers are mountain dwelling birds whom roam freely. If you are looking for an original turkey hunt, using productive techniques, come to the indigenous and native mountains and find the game meant for you!


PD Stock

We provide spot and stalk hunts for New Mexico Prairie Dog.  We welcome all hunters; young, old, and the mobility challenged.


We offer custom hunting and private trips for small groups. Call us to discuss your needs.

Valdez Northern NM Hunting Adventures operates our hunting trips under landowner permits from the New Mexico Game and Fish. We operate on our own private ranch or as Authorized Agents on other ranches.

Agent- shall mean a person who is legally authorized by employment OR written contract to act on behalf of a private landowner to oversee the landowner’s hunting operation on their deeded property. 17-2A-3 NMSA & [k] NMAC

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